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"I'd rather fail trying something new, than do the same shit every day"
- Logic


Sometimes I have an idea for a new business or product or brand. Usually, I just create a mock-up of everything with a project brief and set it aside. Every once in a while I stop and say "Ahh that one I need to make happen". Here are the most recent.

business: Canadian Lumber LTD
type: rolling paper company

Founded the first Canadian brand of rolling papers, Canadian Lumber LTD.

From an idea on a coffee table to the largest domestic cannabis accessories brand in Canada. In five years, this idea has quickly become a reality and made remarkable strides in the industry. Canadain Lumber is a household name up against the biggest global rolling paper brands.​

I didn’t just design the brand, I created a vernacular that expresses the lifestyle. The goal was to create a heritage brand where there is no legal history. Along with the brand and its strategy, I also did the sourcing, designed and developed all products, designed all the packaging, and developed marketing & social strategies.

Following that, I developed sales channels with Canadian distributors. Canadian Lumber LTD is available at 1500+ retailers and will be available in convenience and gas markets across Nova Scotia in the first half of 2023. There is also a B2B side of the business where bulk cones are sold to licensed cannabis producers.

business: Napkin Creative Inc

type: creative & marketing strategy agency

Founded Napkin Creative & Strategy, a creative agency that focused on branding, brand experience and product development.


We were a small firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Founded in 2010, it was shut down in 2016 to create Canadian Lumber. ​At Napkin, my role was Owner and Chief Creative Director. I lead the client's work, pitches and strategy development for our clients.

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