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"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one."
- Geoffrey Minshull

I need an artist's statement, but I hate writing them.


At art school, I played more than studied. What I mean is that like most I had an idea of what kind of degree I wanted but I got lost along the way and realized I was misguided. So I started taking random courses in random new disciplines. I took some jewellery, pottery, painting, fashion, printmaking -- you get the idea. I played.


This allowed me to rediscover my outputs with my art.


I did find a focus to finish with; photography and design majors with art history and media art minors. I learned something by allowing myself to play, ... 


I learned that the discovery of new skills leads to finding new ways to solve problems and create unique solutions. 


My artistic goal moving forward is simple, make shit every day and try new things as often as possible. I need to create. Being disciplined in the act of making will inevitably result in having done shit. I live for the journey. Outputs and destinations are simply a result of the journey taken. 


type: moleskin collage art

This is a collection of my Moleskin sketchbooks. Really this is a documentation of the collages within my moleskins. This is Where Giants Roam.

type: sneaker design

Nike sneakers, designed by Roskeworth aka Beau-Brandon Cleeton and made by Nike's custom program.


project: So Fun 40

type: an event capsule collection

This was a private event @ the Stillwell beer garden, where I developed and designed the brand, event theme, including banners and invite flyers, and custom merchandise.

project: the Gold Standard

type: a capsule collection

Designed a capsule collection with gold detailing for a fresh fit.

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