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A multidisciplinary design approach combining a fine art background with the passion of an entrepreneur and the discipline of an athlete.

client work


I believe in creating designs that are unique and tailored to each client’s individual needs. My creative process involves research, concept development, prototyping and testing before we deliver the final product. I prioritize my clients’ needs above all else, and my goal is to provide personalized service and attention to detail, ensuring that each project can be completed on time and within budget.

O2 Wellness Social Media Strategy & Creative Standards

As part of O2 Wellness’ social brand strategy, I did brand experience work, social standards, template copywriting, entrance design, promotional print, and out-of-home advertising.  

Freeland Art Director; Colour Advertising, Halifax & Toronto

Halifax Partnership Document and Book Design 

Halifax Partnership was looking for a refresh of a Business Conference workbook and their Annual Report. I revamped their presentation slides, stage design, wayfinding and kit bags for all delegates for their Business Conference. 

For their Annual Report, I coordinated all photography and completed the layout and infographics. 

Halifax Partnership Brand Design

Redesigned the logo for the Halifax Partnership, for their federally funded business product for the city of Halifax.

For more examples of work and more info on my experience please follow the links below.

Canadian Lumber LTD


Canadian Lumber LTD

Founded the first Canadian brand of rolling papers, Canadian Lumber LTD.


For Canadian Lumber I didn’t just design the brand, I created a vernacular that expresses the lifestyle. The goal was to create a heritage brand where there is no legal history. Along with the brand and its strategy, I also founded sourcing, designed and developed all products, designed all the packaging, and developed marketing & social strategies.


Following that, I developed sales channels with Canadian distributors. Canadian Lumber LTD is available at 1500+ retailers and will be available in convenience and gas markets across Nova Scotia in the first half of 2023. There is also a B2B side of the business where bulk cones are sold to licensed cannabis producers.

Napkin Creative Inc.

Founded Napkin Creative & Strategy, a creative agency that focused on branding, brand experience and product development. We were a small firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Founded in 2010, it was shut down in 2016 to create Canadian Lumber. 

At Napkin, my role was Owner and Chief Creative Director. I lead the client's work, pitches and strategy development for our clients. 

personal projects



Nike sneakers that are designed by Roskeworth aka Beau-Brandon Cleeton and made by Nike's custom program.

drop 5

drop 4

The Gold Standard

Designed a capsule collection with gold detailing for a fresh fit. 

So Fun 40

This was a private event @ the Stillwell beer garden, where I developed and designed the brand, event theme, including banners and invite flyers, and custom merchandise. 

For more information and examples of my work please follow the links below.

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