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A multidisciplinary design approach combining a fine art background with the passion of an entrepreneur and the discipline of an athlete.


Business Review:

Canadian Lumber LTD 


I am a Brand Strategist.

Design with a focus on Brand and Brand Experience. Focus on how your brand connects with it's target audiences and how to enrich and entrench that connection. This will create a more successful and repeatable sale cycle. 


I have a multidisciplinary design background. By utilizing my wide variety of backgrounds, knowledge and skillsets together we can create a meaningful and profitable brand experience. This is the difference a "jack of all creatives" director can make.


Developing the strategy behind launching a new brand or product is the backbone of a successful campaign. The strategy will outline the execution, determine the measurable results, and will keep everyone accountable. With 14+ years of experience and strong marketing skills, I will help you create a comprehensive plan that will ensure success and reach your goals; from market research and competitor analysis to branding and marketing. 


I believe in creating positive partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant and measurable outcomes. Want to learn more? Contact me today for an initial consultation.

Malcolm Fraser
Managing Partner at NPC Ventures

I have worked with Beau on several creative strategy projects. His sense of the ever-changing visual arts landscape is always spot on, and his rationale of how these evolving changes feed into creative strategy adds value to any project. 

Duane Jones
Founding Artist of ART PAYS ME

So, Beau, is the guy that I give a lot of credit for the existence of Art Pays Me as it is today.


I was looking for some guidance. Beau asked "Hey, have you ever thought about renaming" I had this one T-shirt that had Art Pays Me on it. He said "If you don't use this name I will. This name perfectly articulates your desired direction and it is presently connecting to your audience."

Phil Otto
Founding Partner at Believeco

Beau’s diverse experience has made him successful at both thinking creatively and acting analytically.


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